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April Strength & Conditioning Research Questions

Chris and I reviewed 50 different articles for this month’s Strength & Conditioning Research Review. If you haven’t signed up yet I think you should; it’s such a great amount of information for only $10/month, and the feedback we’ve received so far is phenomenal. And I’m proud to see that thanks to this service, more research is already being discussed in various blogs and forums, which is always a good thing. The April edition will be sent out on April 1st so if you want to receive it make sure you sign up via THIS LINK within the next two days. Here are the questions to which you’ll find answers for in our April edition:

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Muscular Overloads

Most coaches would say that machines and higher-rep ranges have no place in building explosive athletes. Of course athletes don’t just require power; depending on their situation they need precise combinations of power, strength, strength endurance, power endurance, and hypertrophy. In this guest blog Mike Whitman shows us three types of overloading protocols he uses with athletes for certain purposes. These protocols can be used with bodyweight and free weight exercises as well, but Mike offers an explanation as to why he likes to use machines from time to time especially with these types of special protocols.

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I just finished watching James Smith and Joe DeFranco’s Power! video and was enthralled. In short, this is how athletes should train! Seriously you gotta get this DVD if you’re a strength coach.

I love watching good coaching and good training. These guys are big names in the Strength & Conditioning profession for many reasons – they know their stuff, they get results, and they put out good information. Around eight years ago I purchased a Joe DeFranco DVD. I was amazed at how similar our training styles were. Not only did we had most of the same Elitefts equipment, but we had come up with many of the same methods on our own. Joe has been a big influence on my training over the years and every time I watch one of his highlight reels I have to go to the gym and train – I get all jacked up! I’ve mentioned in the past that Smitty is one of the top 3 most innovative guys in the field, not to mention respectful and humble. I’m a big fan of these guys’ training methods and products as well.

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Random Thoughts

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and when I wait the list just keeps growing. Here are fifteen random thoughts for you curious bastards.

1. Musclemag Article

This month I have an article in Musclemag titled Radical Arm Hypertrophy. It’s a really good plan for those seeking increased arm growth. Definitely consider picking this issue up if you’re inside a grocery store or bookstore that sells the issue. They used Johnny Jackson for the model which is good; he’s an incredibly strong bodybuilder. Sadly I didn’t buy it at the Borders here in Auckland because it costs $25 for an issue since it’s air-shipped from the US!

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